Transforming Development Partners to Make a Difference

Versed Professional Services Aims for the evolution of Professional Training and consultancy in Africa and Internationally to transform the development partners team to better achieve the sustainable development needs globally. Founded in 2016, we serve individuals, corporates and most importantly development organization to up their skills and become more successful in todays ever dynamic world and the ever more increasing complex humanitarian and development needs. Our engagement with our clients is results-oriented and hands-on, enabling our participants and partners to learn and apply the skills gained on conclusion of the exercise planned which enhances objective realization and achievement of targets. We provide a depth of collective technical expertise and experiences as well as demonstrated ability to work in a variety of cultural setting


Our vision is to play our part in the realization of a world which possesses a competent, adaptable and dedicated workforce to meet and address evolving developmental needs and challenges


To provide world class training programs and services that increase employee’s on the job productivity thereby aiding them in playing their role in developing their organizations and the world


Transforming Development Partners in Africa and Internationally


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Versed Professional Services Delivers leading Training and consultancy services to International and local development partners organizations. We deliver Monitoring and Evaluation Data Management Leadership Training.

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